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Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating has become very popular in UK homes, in both new builds and renovation jobs. The heating systems are available in both water and electric. Richard Williams can order in water underfloor heating systems from brands such as JG Speedfit, Uponor or Polyfit.

JG Speedfit

Underfloor heating provides the most comfortable, even warmth of any heating system. It is economical to run and virtually maintenance free. The JG Speedfit system has water being pumped from a boiler to a pump pack, where it is mixed to approximately 50 Degrees, then distributed via a manifold to heating circuits made using Speedfit barrier pipe. The pipe is laid in concrete of suspended just below the surface of the floor. In concrete floors, the pipe is laid on insulation and then covered with a screed which can be laid almost any type of floor covering. For timber floors, spreader plates are laid between the joists and the floor decking or on the underside of the floor. Speedfit pipe is pushed into the grooves on the plates. The floor area is typically warmed to between 25 Degrees and 28 Degrees, providing an even distribution of heat at only slightly higher than room temperature. The system is controlled by one or more thermostats which control the manifold and boiler as required.


Underfloor heating from Uponor offers you a practical heating solution that is quick to install and practically maintenance-free. It makes no difference whether you are installing reliable room heating/cooling systems directly in a new build or retrofitting them as part of a renovation project. We can always offer you perfect solutions for brick or drywall construction in residential or commercial developments. For example, the Minitec renovation system is a thin-bed heating system that inly requires a thin levelling layer of just 15 millimetres. It is also easy to connect to existing heating systems. The Uponor Classic carrier system is the ideal room heating/cooling system for new builds, particularly when working with variable floor levels. You can rely on us to offer the greatest possible comfort, whatever your requirements.


Polypipe manufactures the most comprehensive range of underfloor heating systems available for the UK market. Our range combines versions of traditional underfloor systems and a number of innovative product solutions, designed to extend the suitability of underfloor heating to almost any installation scenario, from whole house to single room projects and for new build and renovation. Their range of systems include products for solid floors, floating floors, suspended floors and existing floors.

If you require more information on underfloor heating or wish to discuss your delivery options, please contact your local branch at Llandudno Junction or Ruthin North Wales.