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Masonry Fixings

Masonry anchors

Masonry anchors are very heavy duty fixings, often used in industry and can be used in concrete, brick or stone. Richard Williams masonry fixings suppliers stock a wide range of different masonry fixings, enabling you to fix into even the trickiest of material. The range includes Thunderbolts, frame fixings, concrete screws, rawl shields and anchor resin fixings.

The most popular fixing amongst the range is the Thunderbolt. Available in either a hex or countersunk head, Thunderbolts are the original self-tapping anchors with the power to be used on a whole range of construction materials, including concrete, stone, brick and block without the use of a plug. The threaded anchor and self-tapping action allows for safe anchorage, with the substrate becoming the nut to the bolt – applying a tried and tested method for metals and wood to a broader selection of materials. A truly versatile anchor, the Thunderbolt can be installed nearer to edges and closer together at varying embedment depths, providing a stress-free fixing. Installation is quick and easy, making it the ideal general purpose anchor, even on temporary jobs as its completely removable. Using standard sized drill bits, the Thunderbolt is the cost effective fix for any job.

Alternatively, the anchor resin range is equally as effective in masonry materials. The fischer range of anchor resin fixings work by drilling a hole into the masonry and then either using the resin capsules or mastic gun operated resin to secure threaded stud into place. They provide a secure, permanent fixture for use on either interior or exterior jobs.

If you require more information on masonry fixings or wish to discuss your delivery options, please contact your local branch at Llandudno Junction or Ruthin North Wales.