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Garden Feed & Seed

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Everyone wants their garden to look it’s best, whether its the lawn or plants. Richard Williams have a range of products in stock from leading brands such as Miracle Gro and Evergreen.

To initially seed a lawn, we have two options of seed from Johnsons. The General Purpose seed is an excellent, all-round mixture that will perform well in the majority of domestic situations.It produces a lawn of superior appearance whilst being very hardwearing. Our other option is Tuffgrass, which is quick to establish and provides good green cover and weed control whilst withstanding substantial wear and tear. It’s suitable for all lawns and play areas where resistance to wear and tear, together with value for money are important. Both options are ideal for overseeding in Spring or Autumn and are sold in either 500g or 1.5kg.

To treat lawns, we have the popular Evergreen Complete 4 in 1, which has a unique Watersmart formula to help build a thick, green lawn with stronger roots that absorb water and nutrients more effectively. It also kills weeds, moss and feeds the lawn, all done by using the handheld spreader for easy application. If you have patchy grass, you may want to conside Miracle Gro’s Patch Magic. Patch Magic grows grass seed anywhere, guaranteed. It’s triple action coir, superior quality seed and Miracle Gro Plant Food produces 50% thicker grass with half the watering.

For flowers, Richard Williams keeps the Miracle Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food in stock. Miracle Gro Plant Food is the original blue crystals that promise to grow plants twice as big!  The improved formula is carefully balanced to feed plants all round the garden with all the essential nutrients required for optimum growth and maximum flowering.

For further information on garden feed and seed or to discuss your stock and delivery requirements, please contact your local branch at Llandudno Junction or Ruthin North Wales.