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Expanding Metal

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Metal lath is easy to fix and provides a secure key for many plaster and render applications including joint and crack reinforcement and refurbishment work.

Richard Williams expanding metal suppliers stock a Diamond form of expanding metal, that’s an easy-to-fix lath providing a secure key for plaster and render applications as well as offering effective joint and crack reinforcement. In addition, Diamond Lath can be used as part of a fire protection system for structural steel work.

The expanding metal in stock is also raised. Raised Mesh is supplied in the condition in which it is produced on the machine where the individual strands are set at an angle to the plane of the sheet. Raised mesh expanded metal is typically stronger and more robust than an equivalent flattened mesh due to the structural strength gained from the mesh bonds and strands being set at an angle. Open area / visibility through raised mesh is variable depending on the angle at which the mesh is installed / used. Raised mesh also provides excellent grip when used as a decking material fixed on top of timber boards or if a suitably heavy duty mesh is selected, it can be used as an effective anti-slip deck for vehicle ramps where dirt and water can easily fall through the mesh.

Expanding metal is available in both galvanised and stainless steel and also in roll or sheet form.

For further information on our expanding metal or to discuss your delivery options, please contact your local branch at Llandudno Junction or Ruthin North Wales.