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Cavity Trays & Ventilation

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Richard Williams are proud to be a stockist of Manthorpe, a leading brand for building products, available for every aspect of building construction, from groundwork to the roofline. Our range of stock includes cavity trays, access panels, roof ventilation, through wall and underfloor ventilation and loft access doors.

Cavity Trays

Cavity trays solve the problem of rain soaked bricks causing problems in internal rooms.Wind driven rain can sometimes be forced through brickwork into wall cavities. If this damp trickles down the cavity and behind an extension, the homeowner faces a major problem, the outside wall then becomes an inside wall where rain soaked bricks can cause problems in internal rooms – a problem solved by Manthorpe cavity trays. The tray sits within the cavity and redirects water back through the external brickwork, allowing it to flow harmlessly away along an abutting roof. Our cavity tray range includes horizontal tray systems, stepped tray systems and lintel tray systems, along with tray accessories.

Roof Ventilation

Condensation in roof spaces is one of the major problems faced by builders in today’s energy concious society. Widespread use of central heating, double glazing and insulation can cause a temperature differential between living space and the cold air outside. Warm are, carrying high levels of water vapour, is drawn by a process of convection to cold areas of the building including the roof void. If there is insufficient ventilation the water vapour condenses, leading to rotting timbers, the rusting of metal fixtures, felt damage and mould growth. To solve a costly problem, Richard Williams stock a range of quality Manthorpe roof venitaltion products which are suitable for new build and refurbishment situations. Our range includes slate vents, over fascia vents, soffit strips, felt support trays and circular soffit vents.

Through Wall & Underfloor Ventilation

If you leave an underfloor void unventilated, it can become a breeding ground for mould and a collection point for stagnant, and potentially explosive, gases. However, the problem can be easily solved with the use of ventilation products, which are both quick and easy to install. Richard Williams stock a variety of ventilation products for this purpose. For example, the modular design of the combination airbrick and cavity sleev can be adapted to a variety of situations, while the telescopic underfloor vents extend to reach tricky and cramped areas. We also stock weep vents, peep weeps, cavity sleeves and remote void ventilators.

For further information on cavity trays and ventilation or to discuss your stock and delivery requirements, please contact your local branch at Llandudno Junction or Ruthin North Wales.