New Stonemarket range now in stock

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Stonemarket proudly introduces NEXTpave, a next generation of the popular Millstone and Yorkstone paving ranges. Innovated to feature a patented base design enabling the paving to be laid on either a sand screed bed or on a traditional mortar bed without losing the well loved character of the stone, Choose to install using the new screed bed option to reduce installation time or keep to the traditional mortar bed option and take full advantage of the automatically generated, uniform joints.

081 Yorkstone NEXTpave group product image

Yorkstone NEXTpave

Yorkstone NEXTpave replicates newly quarried English stone and includes coordinating edgings, circles and stepping stones. The paving has been re engineered with a patented base design to reduce installation time by enabling laying on either a sand screed bed or on a conventional mortar bed; easily achieving perfect uniform joints. Yorkstone NEXTpave is available in four colour choices, Old English, Weathered Bronze, Weathered Ochre and York Buff.

093 Millstone NEXTpave group product image

Millstone NEXTpave

Stonemarket proudly introduces Millstone NEXTpave, the next generation of Millstone paving. Whilst retaining all the well-loved character of the paving. Millstone NEXTpave has a patented base design enabling the paving to be laid on either a sand screed bed, which can reduce installation time, or on a traditional mortar bed allowing easy to achieve perfect uniform joints. Millstone NEXTpave is available in three different colour choices, Original, Honey Gold and Olde London.

Currently, this new range is only in stock at our Llandudno Junction branch but can be ordered in at Ruthin. For any more information, please contact your local branch.