New British Gypsum Lifestyle Wall

Pics For Website380Posted: Tuesday 8th September 2015

Lifestyle Wall is a new enhanced performance level for the internal wall surfaces of your home. The performance is achieved by using 12.5mm Gyproc Habito a new innovative board that replaces standard plasterboard. 12.5mm thick Gyproc Habito features a high strength engineered board core which provides enhanced levels of strength, durability, fixability and sound insulation. It’s designed for life – stronger and easier to fix into than standard internal walls.

Product overview

Enhance your home by specifying Lifestyle Walls for your next home improvement project. Lifestyle Walls are stronger and easier to fix into than standard internal walls.

Strong and durable

It’s inevitable that the walls in your home will get knocked, whether it’s the kids playing, furniture being moved or just simple wear and tear. Our Lifestyle Wall offers a superior resistance to these everyday bangs. Lifestyle Walls are reassuringly solid and dependably strong walls.

Easy to fix

The strong surface of our Lifestyle Wall enables you to fix shelves, curtain poles and TVs, without the need for drills or specialist fixings. You can simply screw directly into the wall surface, making DIY easy and giving you more freedom to have your home just the way you want it.

The British Gypsum difference

Lifestyle Walls are engineered to support the way you live. The secret of their effectiveness lies in an innovative building board Gyproc Habito which provides considerably more performance than standard plasterboard.

Habito board is currently available in to order at either of our branches. Please contact us for more information.